Downtown Insider Discounts

Targeted Marketing with the Downtown Insider Program provides neighborhood businesses opportunities to engage and reward donors who set up a monthly donation to support Downtown’s placemaking and economic projects.

To offer a special discount to this elite group of civically engaged fans of Downtown, fill out the form below. Your Insider Deal will be added to the program’s web page and promoted to donors who will receive an “Insider Card” to use as proof of participation and access their discount. Cards will expire each December and new ones will be issued to active donors. You can offer an ongoing discount by not selecting a specific end date below or create a shorter term discount by choosing a month when your deal will expire.

The DBP will provide you with a handy postcard to keep at your register, promoting your discount and acting as a courtesy reminder for staff.  

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For more information contact DBP Assistant Director, Marissa McGrath
e: or ph: 360-527-8710 ex 102