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Bellingham: A Lifestyle

Iconic in its own right, Bellingham is a city known for having the perfect combination of oddity and charm. Our community is strong in our beliefs, and passionate about our loves. From going out to getting outdoors, Bellingham has transcended from being a place into a lifestyle. Welcome to the City of Renewed Excitement. We're happy you're here. Get to know us:

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Excitement is renewing for our urban core. People from all walks of life are seeking a deeper engagement with their community. Interest is brewing for more urban, sustainable housing. Entrepreneurs and employers are taking notice of our city center’s vibrancy and potential. More and more, the opportunity is Downtown. We're a small team at the Downtown Bellingham Partnership, but your contribution will help us continue our drive forward at the center of this momentum. We'll do even more to expand vibrancy in our city core, advocate for more urban housing, fill vacancies and provide new economic development and place-making projects in the year to come. We want to continue making the subdued renewed. Help us make it happen.

Work Hard, Play Harder.

You've heard "Work to Live, or Live to Work" — in Bellingham, we "Live to Live."  Our community comes alive at all times, from jam-packed weekends to lazy weeknights, there's an emphasis in Bellingham on taking in our world and enjoying it along the way.

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Supporting Local, since Day One.

Our community takes pride in what we provide and produce. From choosing a local bank to shopping from local farmers, you'll find an emphasis on keeping our downtown vibrant and alive through supporting the businesses and individuals who call it home.

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A Love For tHe Outdoors, Rain Or Shine.

Downtown Bellingham is our region's urban hub.  Downtown is also right on the bay, surrounded by lakes, in the foothills of one of the best recreation mountains in the world.  Have coffee downtown in the morning, hike the Chuckanuts or ski Mt. Baker in the afternoon, and find yourself back downtown for dinner in the evening.  That's just how we live.

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Business Downtown: A Renewed Economy

From pop-ups to startups, Downtown Bellingham is home to an opportunity-laden economy. Start your business here or open up your second store — downtown has emerged as a prime location for commerce in the Pacific Northwest. Learn about our community and economy:


Turn Passion Into Opportunity:

Have an idea? Great. Ready to make it happen? Downtown Bellingham's the perfect place.  From locally-minded investment banks to coaching and assistance for entrepenuers, Downtown Bellingham has the resources and community desire to take your ideas from dream to reality.

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The Perfect Hub, The Perfect Location:

Positioned directly between Seattle and Vancouver, BC, Downtown Bellingham is a small city with massive opportunity. With a regional population of 200,000 and 4.1 million more within a one hour drive, Downtown offers the economic reach of a large metropolitan area with the lifestyle and amenities of a smaller community. Daily flights out of Bellingham International Airport connect downtown by air and daily connections on Amtrak by rail.  The only missing link is you.

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Creative People? A Creative Mindset:

Whether you're in need of an artist or accountant, downtown is home to a strong talent pool with creative tendencies. Find the people you need, your business home and a community that embraces thinking outside-the-box.

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Interested in opening a business Downtown?