WECU + Downtown Sounds | 2018 Sponsorship



the story of bellingham

The story of Bellingham is one of love for life rooted in community. Since its inception, Downtown Sounds has resonated with this story, bringing people into the heart of the city to celebrate together. No surprise, WECU has supported the event all along. WECU is unmistakably born and raised B’ham — part of the fabric of what makes this the best small city in the world. For the 15th anniversary of Bellingham’s beloved summer music festival, let’s make one thing clear: WECU — like community, music and fun — is here to stay. Bellingham residents know that WECU’s lasting legacy means we can count on them to take care of the details, so we can go on living our best lives in our beautiful surroundings.


Our Idea?
Crafting the story:

“We got You”

Downtown Bellingham Partnership’s (DBP) primary goal is to make Downtown Sounds a can’t-miss event. With 15 years of experience creating celebrations, our reach is diverse and broad and we sure know how to throw a party. We’re excited to partner with WECU to create an even better experience for concert goers and to tell the story of Bellingham’s values as a community. To do this, DBP will collaborate with WECU’s Marketing Department to craft a story, design co-branding and strategize outreach with participation from Beer Garden sponsor, Haggen Food & Pharmacy. WECU’s staff will be a character in the story: the fun-loving friend that is always looking out for you - making sure your covered so you can focus on having fun. WECU staff will enrich attendee experience, but first DBP & WECU will work together to develop the narrative that will drive engagement.


More than Sponsorship:
Built From the ground up

This partnership will provide WECU with an unprecedented level of inclusion in the 2019 Downtown Sounds season and will facilitate WECU staff to permeate the entire event and engage through authentic interactions by participating in scheduled enrichment activities.

We’re excited to present the following experiential opportunities to connect the WECU brand with the Downtown Sounds crowd in four exciting and compelling ways:


Marketing & Promotion


Downtown Sounds captivates the community for five weeks each summer. We owe it to strategic, authentic marketing and promotion - and we want this to include WECU. As part of building the promotional plan for Downtown Sounds, we will partner with WECU to develop messaging that promotes the event while highlighting the brand personality of WECU. Click here to learn about Downtown Sounds’ impact and reach.

WECU will have input on and be part of the following:


Print materials & physical promotions

From our poster to handbills, flyers to a banner across Holly St, WECU will be prominently featured as our premier sponsor.

Press & Media

Downtown Sounds is a sought-after event and receives strong local press coverage annually. We will include the story behind WECU’s sponsorship in our efforts to cultivate this, ensuring WECU’s brand values are tied into the story of the event.


WECU will be featured as a premier sponsor in our advertising - radio, print & social media - ensuring a high level of visibility.

Social Media

We will develop a co-marketing strategy to seamlessly blend WECU into the Downtown Bellingham’s social brand. Our Communications Director will work with WECU’s marketing team to expand the institution’s social media reach and create marketing strategies that includes rich photography and engaging video.


On-the-Ground Visibility


As the event’s Premiere Sponsor, WECU will enjoy an unrivaled branding experience on-site at all five Downtown Sounds concerts. As with all preceding benefits, WECU’s marketing team will have input in the design and execution of on-site branding from the beginning.


Event Signage

Banners framing the stage and hanging in the family alley will imprint the WECU brand with attendee’s joyous experience of the event.

Prominent Brand visibility

Concert goers can physically engage with the WECU brand through sun gear and party supplies provided by the institution and distributed by everyone’s new favorite party people: the WECU staff.


Authentic Engagement


Now for the fun part: opportunities for attendees to interact with WECU staff and brand live. This is where the story of WECU connects directly with people on the ground.


Hydration Station & Brand Experience hub

Dancing on a warm summer day leaves concert goers searching for an oasis. Free WECU branded sun gear and bottled water is a great way to make new friends at Downtown Sounds. WECU is encouraged to get creative and go BIG to curate a space with high visibility to draw people in and engage directly with WECU’s staff and new brand.

PHoto Booth

DBP will contract with a popular third party vendor to provide a photo booth for attendees who will receive digital photos perfect for social sharing and designed to highlight Downtown Sounds and WECU’s combined brand.

Emcee & Intermission

For WECU’s best public speakers and entertainers, we’d like to offer a unique chance to rock the mic at Downtown Sounds. DBP staff will work with branches to identify a couple of WECU’s brightest stars to emcee all of Downtown Sounds. DBP & WECU can collaborate to develop scripts, introducing bands and intermission acts, warming up the crowd and making announcements about all of the great ways for people to have fun. With intermission acts that encourage crowd participation, WECU staff can own the dance floor and use this time to give out prizes. Did someone say t-shirt cannon?


Video Feature & Brand Photos


If a picture is worth a thousand words, then video is priceless. We value the compelling qualities of video and photo to showcase the very best of Downtown Sounds. We strategize, shoot, edit and publish amazing visuals highlighting our events, and will ensure WECU’s brand is featured within them. We’ll also make sure you have access to these custom-focused visuals for WECU’s use.


Video: Brand STorytelling

WECU’s sponsorship of Downtown Sounds is about community and connection. That’s why we’ll have our videography team work with WECU staff to document the institution’s involvement through amazing video and voice-overs, telling the story that WECU is born and raised in Bellingham and is here to help us get the most out of life in our beloved city.

Brand Photos

Downtown Sounds makes for a gorgeous setting, and our photos highlight that. We will provide WECU with photo content that can be used to market the brand’s engagement and presence at the event. Great shots of the WECU team dancing front-and-center? Staff engaging in the Beer Garden and Family Alley? You got it.


Next Steps
“We Got YoU”

We at DBP are confident that this proposal will provide WECU with the means to authentically engage with concert goers in various ways that will reinforce the institutions’s place in the hearts and minds of Bellingham residents. With opportunities to craft a story inline with the festival’s existing goodwill, and the freedom to find creative ways to develop WECU staff as characters in the story of Bellingham’s incredible and unique community, we can’t imagine a better fit than Downtown Sounds + WECU. Because of WECU’s commitment to making Bellingham’s dreams come true, residents can feel free to celebrate life in our beautiful city knowing that WECU is there.