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Storefront Improvement Grant


The Storefront Improvement Project is a matching funds grant of the Downtown Bellingham Partnership to enhance and revitalize storefronts in the downtown district. It will improve the downtown economy through focusing on revitalizing building facades that are street level in order to draw in customers to downtown businesses. As part of a comprehensive plan to stimulate economic development and historic preservation, the Downtown Bellingham Partnership will provide design assistance and remodeling incentives to small businesses.

Projects are selected based on the greatest positive impact the improvements will have to our district commercially. The following factors are considered in evaluating impact: 
• Current condition of the building/façade 
• Impact on street design and neighboring businesses 
• Creative value of the project 
• Community need/demand for change

The selected business will receive two benefits: 1) A one-hour consultation with members of the Downtown Bellingham Partnership Design Committee to assess needs and provide potential design improvements; 2) Reimbursement for project costs, up to $2,000 in matching funds of the business. These funds cannot be used for installation labor or staff time.


Applicants must be local businesses in the downtown district that are on street level. Exclusions:
• National franchises
• Professional offices
• Residential space
• Government occupied spaces
• Churches and other religious institutions 
• Projects already underway

The goal of the Storefront Improvement Project is to help businesses achieve their vision for the front of their space. Improvements can be to the exterior façade of the business, or to the interior that is closest to the window such as track lighting and signage. Eligible improvements include:
• Signage on windows/doors, or hanging from awning
• Windows and doors
• Lighting
• Paint
• Landscaping, plants and containers
• Tile or other decorative material
• Creative and imaginative exterior elements


Notifications regarding the 2020 grant cycle will take place in June 2020.

2020 Application

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Owner will be required to approve all exterior improvements.
Improvements & Ideas
In the space below, please describe in detail your plans for improving your storefront, and how you will use these funds. Please include the following information: top project priorities, your timeline, and an estimated budget. Before and after images (sketches, renderings, example photos) can be attached using the following field.
If including any before and after photos, renderings or other attachments, please include a link to these materials here. You can upload these files to a hosting service of your choice, such as Dropbox or Google drive. Instructions for doing so can be found on each service's website.
Terms and Conditions *
By applying for the Storefront Improvement Project and signing below, I am agreeing to the following if awarded the grant: 1. Obtaining the property owner’s permission for all exterior improvements. The Downtown Bellingham Partnership is not responsible for contacting or working with the property owner/manager. 2. Spending the grant money by July 31, 2021. If any funds are spent after this date, the Downtown Bellingham Partnership reserves the right to not reimburse the grantee funds. 3. To receive reimbursement, the grantee will compile all sales receipts connected with the project and deliver to the Downtown Bellingham Partnership, who will then issue a check to the business within thirty days. If any of the sales receipts are outside of the parameters of the grant, the Partnership reserves the right to refuse reimbursement. To avoid this instance, please contact the Downtown Bellingham Partnership prior to spending money. 4. The grantee will publicly acknowledge receiving the Storefront Improvement Project grant on all appropriate marketing channels.
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